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Do you want some silkworms? -GOD NO! But thanks for offering

It's been one helluva week! Basically, I have big news. I am now the foreign head teacher. Why? Because I do the head foreign teacher job better than the guy who currently holds the position. He's been here over a year, resigned and has been teaching ESL for like a gazillion years. Too bad for him, I just have a social grace he lacks, and the Korean teachers love. I am to be the liaison between Korean and foreign teachers, make sure we get done what needs to get done, and pretty much be awesome. With this new position comes a raise and a stroke to my ego. =) *cloud 9* After I was informed of this change, one of the Korean teachers told me that I might have to be stern sometimes...I told her I have no problem being a b*tch when stuff needs to get done. And how true that is...

Friday night we went to Monkey Beach, had a few drinks, came home...Saturday, Avalon took us to the musical JUMP. It was so amazing, if the tickets weren't so expensive, I'd go again in a heartbeat! It's a comical musical involving martial arts...more specifically, taekwondo and taekkyeon. https://www.hijump.co.kr/index.asp Watch this movie! It's only a clip, but you kinda get the point. It took three years and seven months to prepare. It was absolutely incredible and if it comes to a town near you...GO SEE IT!!! After the musical, we all went out to supper in Seoul, and headed back to Suji to pay a visit to Exit Bar. I'd never been there before, but it was pretty chill. This bar is where all the foreigners hang out...there were hardly any people there last night, so the pool table was free and it had decent music...no creepy people...

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...I spent a lot of time traveling today. Actually, a total of a little more than four hours. It took me about an hour by bus to get to Suwon, then I took the train to Songtan Station. However, on the train ride to Songtan Station, the train only went to every other stop. So, once I reached the stop AFTER the one I needed to be at, I had to find another train going back the way I just came. Lucky for me, I think they only came twice an hour and I had just missed the last one. Either way, I waited about 20 minutes and finally got on the train to Songtan Station. And there I met Nathan. He had some stuff from my parents for me. This was a really nice day to be traveling...and you can't tell, but I'm being very sarcastic right now. It poured ALL DAY LONG. No joke. I woke up at 10 this morning, it was raining....I got home at 10 tonight...it was still raining. By the time I got to the train station, the bottoms of my pants were soaked. But by the time I walked another 20 minutes to Nathan's place, every item of clothing I had on was soaked. The first thing he did when I got there was bring out to hangers with some pants and a shirt on them and asked if I wanted something else to change in to. How sweet! My parents sent me some clothes, so I didn't have to worry about wearing his (although I did steal his sweatshirt when I left because my jacket was still dripping). He called me a cab later on to go back to the train station, but it was a Base Cab. Meaning, it came from Osan. It was a lot cheaper, but here's the kicker: they don't take Won, they take Dollars!!! So before I left Nathan made sure I had some American currency to pay with. I switched him 10000 Won for ten bucks, and then asked him how much money I just made off him...apparently, I made out like a bandit! Long story short, I traveled another two hours home. I went and hung out with Grace and Kim and we had girl talk and ordered pizza and watched Sex in the City. Even though Nathan and I have somewhat of an interesting past, and sometimes he frustrates me, it was REALLY nice to see someone from home. In person. REALLY NICE. It wasn't just someone from home, it was someone who has known me for 12 years and someone who knows all of my quirks and stupid things. I know of six people from home who are here: Nathan, Becca and Naomi (I went to Prague with them in 2003), John, Seewoo (I met him at Iowa), and Erin (I worked with her at Parking). I have only seen Nathan. I've talked to the other people, but haven't had a chance to meet up with them yet. Crazy schedules, different cities...it gets complicated!

I'm so happy to have some more clothes! And Easter Candy! And Jiffy Pop! And to know that John is coming to Korea with more stuff from my parents!! And there's another box on its way...soon!! I don't think I mentioned this yet, but I bought a keyboard last weekend! Hopefully I'll have time to play it soon. I really wish I had a maid though. And I also wish that someone could learn Korean for me and I could just know it. That would be stellar.

At any rate, I should probably hit the hay. All that sitting on buses and trains and walking in the rain, I'm tired!! I wish you all a great week!


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