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kelsi is the goddess of heaven

138 days til i come home!!!!!

49 °F

Today we went to Everland...it was lots of fun! Everland can be compared to Disneyland

T-Express is:

    the world's steepest wooden coaster (77 degrees),
the world's ninth fastest (104 km per hr/65 mph),
    fourth tallest (56 meters/118 feet),
sixth longest (3 minutes) wooden coaster.



Here's some information about Chuseok (can be most closely related to American Thanksgiving):

Hangawi was the day on which Koreans, an agrarian people throughout most of history, thanked their ancestors for the year’s harvest and shared their abundance with family and friends. Although the exact origin of Chuseok is unclear, the tradition can be traced back to ancient religious practices focusing on the role of the moon. The sun’s presence was considered routine, but the full moon that came once a month, brightening the dark night, was considered a special and meaningful event. Therefore, festivities took place on the day of the largest full moon, August 15th of the lunar calendar, which became one of the most important days of celebration throughout Korea to this day.

Chuseok was celebrated from October 2nd to October 4th, and for those few days, we went to Sokcho beach.

Another thing we've done lately: Jimjilbang

A visit to the jjimjilbang should feature on the itinerary of every visitor to Korea. Simply put, it is a Korean-style large-scale sauna or spa. The jjimjilbang contains various kinds of different rooms, which are heated to 40-80 degrees Celsius. These sauna rooms are all made from different materials, such as yellow earth, minerals, precious stones, and salt. As you sweat, toxins and wastes from the body are released, and good energy and minerals from these rooms are absorbed. Jjimjilbangs generally contain public baths as well. Here visitors can soak in hot tubs that often contain various natural ingredients such as green tea or ginseng. Consequently, those who care about the beauty of their skin flock to the jjimjilbang. However, this is not just a place for beauty. With a variety of entertainment facilities, jjimjilbangs are favorite destinations for families to relax and spend time together. They are open 24 hours a day and are thus used as overnight lodging as well.

My favorite rooms:

Natural Jade Energy Room- Far infrared rays released from jade are particularly good for patients and those people who want to take care of their skin. The temperature is above 50 degrees Celcius, so take care not to overdo it.

Ice Room Ice Room-The chilly temperature helps blood vessels and skin to regain their normal size and elasticity after spending time in the hot sauna rooms.

There's this thing that most people at jimjilbangs do with their towels; it's called yangmeori (literally lamb head ^^*)


and on that note..i would just like to say one more time that i will be home in 138 days...!!!!!!!!!!!



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