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I did a whole lot of nothing, and it was great!!!

  • *SUNDAY**

It doesn’t feel like I’m in Korea. You’d think it would because I’m surrounded by Koreans and can’t read a darn thing in front of me...but it just feels like I’m only in a new city three states over from Iowa. I like going to bed and waking up with a smile on my face, it’s peaceful here. Set aside from the cars and honking, there’s some serenity here that for some reason I’ve never found in Iowa. Maybe it’s here only because it’s NOT Iowa. I love Iowa, don’t get me wrong, but I’m too much of an adventurer and explorer to be confined by the corn fields and silos of Iowa.

I went outside today, alone, for the first time since I’ve been here. I didn’t get stared at too much, except by the children...which I expected. Side story: last night I went outside to see what all the commotion was ( I found out I live next to children...ugh!)...and this guy was standing outside with the door propped open and this little boy was running around...he looked at me, and I looked at him (he was cute as a button!) and I said ‘Hi!’ to him...he giggled and then said ‘Hi!’ back to me! This kid had to have been like three years old...but he circled the guy and kept repeating ‘Hi’ to himself...he kept looking at me, it seemed as though he was expecting me to say something else...so I said, ‘Anyonghaseyo!’ and he said it back to me! The dad even smiled, it was pretty adorable. So this little boy went inside and got his brother and they both came outside and ran up and down the hallway for a minute and then the first kid told the other one something and then they both looked at me....awkward...and the first kid said ‘hi!’ again! Then the dad shut the door, and they all left....*end side story*

Back to me leaving my apartment today...I went to my beloved Lotte Mart to get some more juice and tea. I’m addicted...seriously, I love that juice. And the tea bags I swiped from the hotel in Chicago were gone, so I needed more tea. Lo and behold, on my way to the Lotte Mart, I saw a foreigner! He smiled at me, I smiled back. I’ve already noticed this unspoken bond between the foreign folks here in Korea...with a smile, essentially you’re saying, ‘Hey there! I feel so silly wandering around amidst a bunch of people who don’t look anything like me! But yet, I feel important because I’m probably teaching their children! It’s so nice to see another foreign person so I don’t feel so goofy and out of place. Wanna get coffee and show me around?’ That could just be me....but maybe he was thinking it too....

The Lotte Mart is something else...Saturday is a work day also, so at 5ish when I went, it was packed...and it was noisy...not so noisy because of all the people pushing their way through the aisles, it was noisy because the ‘free sample’ people were also shouting and trying to sell their product! What?!?! Who yells in a grocery store?!? These people must have been born in barns and never heard about the indoor voices thing. It was strange though that they were all yelling...it seemed like I should have been at an outdoor market rather than the Lotte Mart.

Anyway, I should probably get back to reading more about my job. I teach two classes a day, and the rest of the time is spent preparing, correcting, and playing on the Internet. I think I’m going to like it here...a lot...


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We have enjoyed your rousin rabbles very much so far! Keep up the good work! WLUVM Mutti

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