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March 2009

we rocked it!!!!

i'm sure all of you remember the powerpoint presentation we had at our campus a couple months ago. well, we took three students from there and prepared them to compete against the other campuses. there were 20 students, and i have to say, my girls mopped the place up with their presentations! we didn't win first place, but we won (like) 2nd, 3rd, and 4th...best presentation, best speaker, best content, respectively. the girl who won best content was actually only 2 points away from winning the best of the best (1st place)...i'm so proud of the hard work and dedication they showed to preparing for this. their performances yesterday were the best out of all their practice runs.

our student cheering section

me and the girls

my own cheering sign- it says: 우리 예쁜 찐따들...it's something like...our beautiful stupids(yes i turned an adjective into a noun...koreans do it all the time!! but the word for stupid doesn't actually mean stupid...it's more a term of endearment...)

tara, bomi, jacquenline

there was a raffle while we were waiting for the points to be tallied...one of the teachers had a raffle ticket on accident and the MC laughed at her and told her that teachers couldn't win...then one of our students was called up to the stage for the raffle...when he went up there, the MC said again that teachers couldn't win!! and we all started laughing soooo hard...she asked him where he came from and he said said suji, so she looked us and said, "학생 맞어요?!?!?" (is he really a student??) none of us could stop laughing...but she finally believed us and he got 50 bucks!

the winner ended up being a presentation on dokdo. unfortunately, the presentation competition at our campus was also won by a presentation about dokdo. why is this a little annoying? because it's dokdo. if you haven't heard of dokdo, it's an island that japan and korea are fighting over. all historical evidence points out that it's clearly korea's island, but japan is fighting for it because it offers precious natural resources and is kind of a strategical place to be during a war. koreans are naturally very passionate about this topic, and it gets old (this controversy has been going on for yearssssssssssssss) and i believe the only reason this girl won was because she did her presentation on dokdo. she wasn't that good of a speaker, but her presentation was really good.

they were giving out presents...all students got one and me and jihae snuck one too =)


in better news, i will be going home to visit in about a month! and emily (one of my favorite people ever) is considering coming to korea to teach!

i got my cat...he can be very irritating...but he's really cute, too...he won't respond to the name i wanted to give him...so i do have to keep calling him parker...



i've been wanting a really nice camera lately...as much as i love pictures, i should have a professional type camera, right?



i also just found out something amusing...one of the subway stations here is called "jeong ja"...정자역...and i was just watching two and a half men and was reading the subtitles...and discovered that 정자 means "sperm"...so, 정자역 translates into "sperm station" HAHA!! all of the subway stations have fun meanings..오리역 means "duck station"...하하하하!!


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