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June 2008

i'm so exciting, and i'm just not hiding...

ahhhhhh...korea. i wish i could explain korea to you all. i can't. you're thinking: kelsi, you were an english major, you should be able to explain things... and to that i say, there are just some things you can't explain...and korea is one of those things. i'm pretty sure everyone i've met here considers themselves my mom. hoon told me today that it will be raining the rest of the week so i need to remember my umbrella. thank you. in addition to remembering my umbrella, i'm supposed to remember to eat fruits and vegetables and things that are 'good for health.' as if that weren't bad enough, i think koreans like to play matchmaker (but one person is not the matchmaker, it's a community thing...and in my case, heyoung has taken it upon herself to get all of my coworkers involved in the search. awkward). and kids are funny. according to one of my students, i'm secretly 33 years old, i'm in love with hoon, and i'm going to marry steve...hmm...i'll let you know how that turns out. a common game to play here is 'who looks younger?' i staunchly refuse to play this game because i can't win. i suddenly understand how guys feel. guys: you can't win with girls; you're always going to be wrong.

i also don't understand the metric system. why, america, are we the only people in the world who don't use the metric system? this makes it very difficult to measure things. for example, i wanted to make pancakes the other day. i have a liquid measuring cup in my apartment that the guy before me left. so, i went to lotte mart and bought some mix and some eggs, and then i went to make the pancakes and finally noticed that this stupid measuring cup is, of course, not metric. awesome. so, after finding out how much 200 cc of water is, i was forced to figure out something in grams. this proves quite difficult to do with a measuring cup that deals in volume. but, thanks to random sites on the internet, i found out how much 100 grams of sifted flour is in cups, and assumed it would be about the same for pancake mix. amazing how i had no problem reading the directions in korea, all of my troubles were in actually measuring the ingredients! when all was said and done, i had made the best pancakes in the world. we all know how horrible i am at cooking, but they turned out really well!! i even cooked them all the way through =) for those of you who have never eaten pancakes with me, i like to only cook them a little bit and leave uncooked batter on the inside of the pancake. delish. the syrup isn't quite right though..it's ok...but i think i'll try a different brand next time...maybe something not made in korea.

the new teacher came last week...she's really cool!! luckily i had looked her up on facebook and given her my phone number in case she got to the airport and no one was there. she called. no one was there to pick her and her husband up. eventually they got to suji and moved in to their apartment. wednesday after work is kim's going away party, thursday is her last day, and friday we're having a sleepover, and she leaves for new york saturday morning. it's crazy...in a few days, she'll be gone. i hate change!

i finally transfered some money home the other day...damn, i got ripped off. i sent home 1 million won, which is something like $1,000. however...the korean bank took 22000 won as a transfer fee, and my bank took $18, and the rest of the money i lost was due to the stupid exchange rate. how much did i end up with? about $920. lame sauce. while i was at the bank the exchange rate changed a couple times. why is this? is the won losing its worth, or is the dollar gaining worth? it doesn't make sense that the won is losing its worth, and i'm still not convinced that giving every american $600 is enough to move the entire economy. either way, it sucks now. two months ago, i would have made money sending money home...even after the bank fees, if i would have sent 1 million won home, i would have ended up with over a grand in my stateside bank account. LAME!!!!!

brendan will be here the 11th of august...and there is a music festival a few days before he gets here called 썸머브리즈 (summer breeze)...i fully intend on going because NEW FOUND GLORY WILL BE THERE!!!! AHHH!!! since i couldn't figure out how to make it work when i lived in the states, i'm gonna make it work in korea. they were always in kansas, and something always came up...plus, it was like a six hour drive. here, it's only like an hour bus ride...i can handle that!! lost prophets, one republic, the prodigy, panic! at the disco, simple plan, and many other awesome bands are going to be there...it's gonna be greeeeeeeeeeeat!! it'll be hotter than hades, but 100% worth it...i can't wait!! i was going to go to japan in august to see nfg, but seoul is so much closer =)

on that note...i think i'm gonna hit the hay. catch ya on the flip side.


*a little something i found...i deleted some of them bc they were lame*

You know you've been in Korea too long when...

1. You are immune to the smell of "kimchi breath"
3. You can pick up a single strand of noodles with chopsticks.
4. You enjoy slurping your noodles as loudly as you can.
6. You walk down the street holding hands with your buddy.
7. You can eat barefooted in a restaurant with your foot in your lap.
8. You can cut in at the front of the line of waiting people with the best of them.
10. You can fall asleep on the subway or bus and wake up at your stop.
12. You can convert any US unit measurements into metric measurements in your head. *i still can't do this though*
16. People ask if you want to go by car and you respond, "No, I'm in a hurry."
17. You wear white socks with dark pants.
18. You can use a squatting toilet and not be weirded out by it.
20. You crawl back into your house to get your coat, rather than take your shoes off or walk on floor with shoes on.
21. You bow at inanimate objects. *totally*
22. Someone says breakfast and you think fish, soup and seaweed.
24. You start believing you can blend into a large crowd of Koreans. so true!!!
26. You answer the phone by saying, "yabasayo?" *guilty*
27. You mutter "chuuh" when you're cold. *yup*
30. You answer "nay" even when speaking English to non-Korean friends. *absolutely*
33. You like Cass or Hite better than Bud or Miller.
34. It seems completely normal to stay out all night.

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my kids wrote me a song so i'd give them a detention pass =) they also promised to bring me the moon!


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