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August 2008

-Did you get that from burnt? -Yes.

Kelsi: The worst part about that is it totally made sense to me and I didn't even realize it was wrong. Sara: I can't believe that came out of my mouth. Kelsi: We've been in Korea too long.

77 °F

Here’s some stuff written by my kids at work. This is one of the best essays I’ve received since I’ve worked there. I don’t agree with a lot of what she says, but her writing is incredible.

Most teenagers think that volunteer work is just a waste of time because they do not get anything in return, and does not have any benefits for themselves. Including this cognition, teenagers being too busy, plus the disabled people’s unkindness, these are the reasons why teenagers hesitate to volunteer to help their community.

The primary reason why young people nowaday do not give enough time to help their community is because they are too busy studying. These days, even elementary students go to academies after school. Situations like this do not make time for teenagers to help their community. It is just the adults’ greed, expecting young people to study hard and volunteer.

In addition, why would someone spend their precious time helping others without getting anything? Adolescence is a very important part of people’s lives, hence, they should spend every minute of time wisely. However, if teenagers think of their lives in a long term, helping their community do not benefit them much. It may be a chance for them to learn responsibility, cooperation or being grateful. Yet, these can be fulfilled from other activities, such as babysitting or helping their own grandparents.

Sometimes, the disable people’s attitudes also contribute to one of the reasons why teenagers do not volunteer enough. Some of those disable people do not even thank teenagers for helping, and also say that they do not need help. For example, I once went to a place where disable elderly people stayed. I wanted to be nice and slowly pushed the wheelchair for one of the elders. Suddenly, he turned back and shouted at me. He said he could wheelchair by himself.

I agree that young people nowadays do not give enough time to help their community. On the other hand, there are reasons why they do not. First, it is the teenagers’ bad cognition, but this can be fixed if Korean education lets the young people to have more time to spend other than studying. Lastly, sometimes the disabled people’s unkind attitudes make the young people not want to help them.

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This is one of the worst essays I’ve received. It’s not actually that bad, but the kid who wrote it in class never tries:

Young people now days are very diffrent than young people at the past. Of course, how they think on their community is also diffrent than the past ones.

Some old people nowdays are thinking that young people nowdays are not giving enough time to help their community. However, that is wrong.

People have changed alot from the past. The culture and the way they think have also changed when people changed. However, the old people doesn’t relize that.

Old people think young people aren’t giving enough time on their community. However, that isn’t true. Young people are giving enough time in their culture. Some young people nowdays spend lots of time on their job but the olders doesn’t seem to know that.

It matters on how old people thinks, but the young people are giving enough time on their community.

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14 out of the 17 kids in my speaking class got a detention from me today for continually speaking when they were not supposed to. I gave them three questions to write about while they were in detention and to turn in to me after detention was over. Here’s what some of them wrote:

I think everyone should change thinking that speak in small voice is ok. And I think we should stop talking when you are talking and do not talk in Korean. Also if we talk when others are speaking that will be very noisy and we cannot evaluate their speaking like today’s class. I think every one talking is bad but we are so talkative. There are so much topics that make us exciting. I will be quiet and more participate your class. And I did listened to the tapes in class. Sorry for make you annoying and will change. Sorry teacher!

Do you remember when you give me some advice? Your advice was very helpful and now I have motivation to study and it was impressive that you knew my problem well and understand. Thank you!

I know our class is too big to controll all over the students and I know we should be quiet and participate in class but some students are not. I understand you are angry and annoying. However most of student like your teaching method like tape recorder and listen-then correct it.

But some students don’t like it and they start talking. Why don’t you make seat arrangement chart? I think it makes students quiet and good for you. For example, noisy student seat in front of you and intimage friend seat far from him or her.

I want to keep good relationship with you and also other student! Sorry teacher...

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Since it was our tape that we heard in class, I felt so nervous that other friends would laugh at me. That’s the reason I kept talking when hearing the recordings. but I shouldn’t have, because, it might disrupt other people from concentrating on their work. Also, I talked with my friends during the recording. I heard one person’s answer was totally ruined because of the noise. Because this is a real practice of TOEFL iBT, I shouldn’t have talked, causing troubles.

I tried to listen to the tape, but I noticed who’s voice it is and couldn’t accurately say out loud. So I talked with my friend next to me. However, I should have listened to the tape because that is one good way to improve my speaking skill. I will not talk or disturb other people in my speaking class again. I should try to hear every recordings and should find out defects. I’m sorry that I disturbed every other’s speaking class and made teacher angry.

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From next time, I will not talk as I am not supposed to. Also, I will not hinder other students when they record. I believe other students would feel same as me, and they and I will behave better at next time. In addition, I will try to listen to the tape carefully and find what is not appropriate. Kelsi, I am sorry, Kelsi, I am sorry. *repeat five more times* I apologize to you. I make an apology for talking when I am not supposed to. I will not talk in the class when I am not supposed to. I will not disturb other people. I will listen very carefully to the tapes in class.

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I’m so sorry. I don’t really now why I spoke when I was not supposed to speak. I think I didn’t know I’m not supposed to talk. But I listened to the record. I’m sorry. I will always do my best to concentrate and take your class more seriously. I think your class is great. I’m sorry I talked during your class and I think it was a mistake. I will be careful. I can’t explain why I spoke at the time but I know that I was not allowed to speak and I feel very sorry about disrupting your class. Your speaking class is very good and it is being a lot of help to me improving my speaking skills. Thank you. And again I’m sorry.

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In other news, we went to the beach over the weekend. I'm pretty burnt. The burn on my face is turning into a pretty nice tan tho. My legs, however, are a different story. My left leg is still pretty swollen and still pretty red. Today was the first day I woke up and could actually move my knees and it was amazing!

Michael will be leaving at the end of the semester.

ESL class is getting better. I kind of just changed how I ran the class. I made everything ridiculously easy so they have no excuse not to talk. So once they start talking, then I can ask them more complicated questions and we can discuss more difficult concepts. It's working pretty well! A few of the kids don't like me too much because I gave them detention for not doing what they were supposed to be doing in class. They have a hard time reading their book for homework, so at the end of class I've started giving them like 10 minutes to at least start the pages they're supposed to read for next time. Some of them just sit there and stare at the wall, or color on their paper. They are shocked as hell when I tell them at the end of class to go to detention. Hoon told me some of the kids from my speaking class were confused because they didn't know exactly what they did (because apparently telling kids not to talk, and having them do it anyway is not obvious enough) and were sad about being in detention. I told him I didn't want to be mean but there are too many kids in that class for them to all be talking. He reminded me that I'm head teacher and it's my job to be mean =) Apparently the meaner you are, the more the kids respect you. What? I'm going to go paint my nails and take more medicine so I don't have to hurt every time I move.


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