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September 2008

it's a computer cooling system that wards off tigers too

i definitely didn't see any tigers in kelsi's apartment


heeelllllllooooooo...i guess it's been a while since i've written..umm..what's new? well, i have under six months left in korea...i'm excited to go home, but i will definitely miss korea. not all of it, but a lot of it...i've decided not to stay...the only reason i want to stay is because i make good money and i want to learn the culture/language...not very practical...and i want to go home because i should start to get my life in order, i should be closer to my family, and i miss my cat, friends and having a car...there are some things about korea that just make me want to pull my hair out...granted, there are some things about america that makes me want to pull my hair out too...but, unfortunately, i'm american, and that's where i belong...it's fun to travel and make good money and hang out with the people i've met, but there's more to life than having fun...i guess.

last weekend was 추석 (chusok, korean thanksgiving) so the foreigners all had our own 추석. we met at my place around two and all brought food to make breakfast. keri cooked some mean omelets and french toast. then we all went home and took naps =) we met up later and had friend tofu and soy and went to the roof with a bunch of other foreigners....the four day weekend was pretty sweet overall. we got 추석 gifts at work..it was this nice set of dove stuff...like soap, lotion, etc...our office smelled really nice that day. most people get spam and tuna...we got dove =) i know, you're thinking..SPAM WTF?? but it's apparently expensive and delicious here. i don't know. over the four day weekend, we also went to seoul to go to dr fish...then to itaewon for indian food and some foreigner shopping. we went to what the book and i finally found this book i've been looking for. it's called falling leaves by adeline yen mah. i read her other book chinese cinderella and it was amazing...anyway, we also went to the foreigner grocery store. there was poptarts and cereal galore! and then there was monster. i have not had an energy drink for six months.and that's rough because we know that's all i lived on my last semester at school...monster is heaven on earth...so i bought two at 4.50 a pop. i miss them already. back to dr fish. basically, you go to a place, put your feet in this water, and little fish come and eat the dead skin off of them. it was an odd sensation...i hate fish anyway, but them nibbling on my feet just made me hate them even more. it was cool.

video of dr fish:

we finally got our new foreign teacher. he's kyopo, born in korea, lived here til he was 12, moved to canada, and has been teaching in korea for six years. he refuses to speak korean, but he understands it all. he sat in our classes on thursday and friday and i knew the kids would wonder who he was, but we didn't want to tell them yet that he's the new teacher. so he sat in on my writing class, and after a while, i was like...hey guys, do you know aig? and they're like yeah..blah blah blah..and i was like, well...the guy in the back of the classroom is from aig, because you know they invested a lot of money into avalon...and they were amazed and one asked me if he was korean...and i asked her if he looked korean...so they tried to figure it out...but then i made them go back to work...and like 30 seconds later, i was like...no guys, i'm just kidding...he's not from aig...hahahaha so mean teacher! and then we got on the topic of coffee and pineapple...and i said something about coffee bean trees and pineapple trees...and one girl told me they had those in japan...i was like, really?? and she nodded yes...and then in half korean half english asked if pineapples grow on trees...we all just laughed hysterically at her...after class i went and printed her a picture of a big tree that looks like a pineapple and gave it to her...she was amazed...i told her that they cut pineapple out of this tree and send it to the grocery store...she was like, really?! and i was like...no. and then she started whining and all the kids started discussing where pineapple comes from and they kept asking me...i told them to go home and ask their moms =)

leslie left for the states yesterday...her and her husband are going to her brother's wedding in colorado...she was nice enough to take some stuff with her that i wanted to send my parents and she is going to send it for me...and bring me back spaghettios!! woohoooooo...she'll be back next thursday

below are some videos of k pop songs, commercials, and koreans dancing....

this is my favorite commercial...just because the adjashis are chillin while this dude is doin tecktonik in the background...it's for lotteria's (fast food) shake shake chicken...at the end is total konglish. this is in tapgol park, if you look at some of my pics you can see this place..it's in seoul near insadong

i heart mc mong...he's funky...kinda hot...and just weird enough to be cool. this is the first song of his that i heard...it's called circus...

i never get tired of watching korean people dance. this video makes my day...the korean guys actually can dance really well...the korean girls...not so much.

this is mc mong's other video that i like..it's called ice cream...

big bang...lies

wonder girls- i'm so hot

jewelry-one more time


and of course i couldn't get thru this without talking about stuff happening in the united states. 1. the people in texas who refused to leave do not deserve to be rescued in any way by the federal government and american taxpayers. they say, oh, i didn't know it was gonna be this bad. well, i live in korea and i knew it was going to be that bad. it's not that difficult to turn on the news, read the newspaper, etc. 2. mccain made a good choice by choosing palin, but i'm still not going to vote. that snl skit was hilarious though. 3. everything america does affects the rest of the world. i wish i knew what america will do next so i'd when to send money home and get the best exchange rate.

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