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October 2008

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so..i pretty much had the best weekend ever! thursday, after work, me, keri, chris, josh, and some other people went to have a beer....and i was talking to this girl diana...she works with keri and them and is from oregon...but anyway, we were talking and she said she knew some people from iowa, so i asked her who...she named a few people, and then she named one of my best friends emily!!! i couldn't believe it! apparently they were in guam together doing camp adventure. what a crazy small world!! and there's another kelsey in town!! AH! that's MY name!!! she's alright..kinda cool...but i'm still the best kelsi ^^

friday was kind of a crappy day at work, but friday night, keri, roger, me and eleanor went to meet jay, grace, larry and sara at the noraybong..then after an hour there, we went to exit and danced our asses off!

saturday i putzed around all day, and then me, eleanor, june, chris, and some other people went to exit...and HOON CAME OUT!! it's been so long since i've gotten to hang out with hoon because his dad has been sick for quite a few months. his dad had a stroke and has required lots of attention, but he's doing much better and hoon has been able to have a life again. after that we went to noraybong for TWO HOURS!! it was fantastic! we sang songs in japanese, korean, spanish, english...i love my group of friends here! it was really great to see hoon and i'm basically on cloud nine because of it...i missed him a lot..he was one of my first friends when i got to korea and we hung out like every weekend, sometimes during the week...i just really missed it. and he missed me too ^^ i met one of korean buddies who told me that hoon talks about me all the time and us so thankful that we're friends...awwww


sunday was hyeyoung's wedding...it was absolutely gorgeous! super elegant and beautiful in every single way. hyeyoung looked absolutely incredible! she's like me..t-shirt and jeans kind of girl...so it was a huge change to see her all dolled up in full make up and a wedding dress! the food was pretty decent too...check out my photo site for pics (http://flaminko.myphotoalbum.com/albums.php) all the flowers that were lining the hall were from hyeyoung's parents' friends...they also extended outside and lined the entire balcony..wow!


so after the wedding, i came home and hung out with eleanor and keri...we had a pizza party, watched csi, and painted our nails...we have found the best pizza place in town...amazing.

and about my chairs...so when i moved into this apartment, i was putting things outside my door that i didn't want so the people at my school could take them away...well, they left this chair...so when people would come over, we'd hang out outside and there was only one chair...so i brought out a second chair...well anyway, i came out of my apartment this morning and found they were gone! me and eleanor went and talked to the adjashi downstairs and he said that the lady in 533 got pissed and told him to take the chairs and throw them out because we spend too much time by the chairs! they threw my damn chairs away!!! AH! MY CHAIRS!! all of you who know me, KNOW that i HATE it when people touch MY stuff!! we tried to find them in the trash, but they weren't there...i'm not actually sure what they did with the chairs, but they're gone. i mean..whatever...it's not my fault my place is the cool place to be. we're still gonna hang out in front of my apartment whether there are chairs there or not...yeah, they basically just wasted two chairs.

hoon speaks japanese better than english, eleanor's major was japanese...they both speak korean...keri speaks french, chris speaks spanish, i speak german, josh is filipino (but he doesn't speak any languages spoken in the philippines)...but basically we're all so different and wordly...and we're so eclectic...and yeah! i don't know where i'm going with this..i just had a great weekend!!

me and eleanor are going as white trash for halloween..haha..if you haven't seen the latest snl skit with palin...you have to watch it immediately...we are going to the dmz toward the end of the month...we have plans to go to japan the month before i leave...but i really kind of want to go to vietnam...i don't know which one to go to...jihae says that she heard the pho in vietnam is actually gross!! i need to go there to see for myself! either way...japan would be cool because of the culture and eleanor could translate for me...and i think hoon wants to go too...but i would really love to go to vietnam because we all know how much of a history freak i am...and the vietnam war is one of my favorite ones (sick, right? i have a favorite war...all history buffs do!) but...japan is also a place where history freaks could go if they're interested in past wars...hmmm..suggestions are welcome...

news from the states: my new niece or nephew will be born on my birthday ^^ i'm really excited to have a new baby in the family...and especially for it to be born on my birthday. apparently that means i get to buy it a baby ring...i can't wait to pick it out!!


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for example, please sit down.

are you wearing leg warmers? i forgot mine at home.

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hmm...lots of stories today! i'm just always so amused by my students.

one of my students brought his baby hamster to school. he was soooooooooo cuttttteeeeeeeeee!!! it was the size of a mouse (and yes i'm sure it wasn't actually a mouse...because i believed this 14 year old when he told me it wasn't actually a mouse...) but anyway, leslie came and told us that paul had his hamster in his backpack (sam later told me he brought it with him because it was sick...oh, logic...not important) so me and jihae scurried to the classroom to look at it. i stole the hamster. when the bell rang, i tried to give it back to paul because i had class...hyeyoung wouldn't let me give it back. so, i hamster-sat, and taught a class. so talented teacher. whenever i say "so ___ teacher," it's because the kids say it all the time. it's usually " so mean teacher." i have yet to figure out exactly what they're trying to say. i don't know if they mean "you're such a mean teacher," or if they mean "you're so mean, teacher." not like it's really important because it's way more fun to just say "so ____ teacher." ok, nevermind.

sam told me the other day that one of paul's hamsters died. sam said that paul put one of his hamsters in the cage with another one and it ripped its head off. disturbing. then sam proceeded to tell me about the time his dog got hit by a car and his eye popped out. i asked sam why he felt like telling me that story...he said he didn't know...then ryan chimed in and told me horrifying animal death stories. we were supposed to be writing essays, but somehow we got started talking about korean fashion, and it led to animal death. anyway, ryan was like...i had this teacher at international school...and she told me that, in america, if you hit a dog, you're supposed to go find the owner and like call the cops and stuff...but if you hit a cat, you can just leave it. i told him that teacher was crazy and that it doesn't matter what you hit...dog, cat, person...you need to find the owner! i told him he wouldn't have much luck finding the owner of a squirrel or something...but the other three he should at least try. sam told him to forget everything he learned at international school in china...hahahaha...sam is the son of a diplomat and surprisingly modest. he often underestimates himself, but he's a good kid...when he "tries"...he tells you he tries...and you look at him and say, 'i know you didn't try..i can tell when you try...did you actually try?' and he says...no...funny kid. he's lived in georgia, the states, and like three other places...he has fun stories.

i found a frog on the way home from work the other day. it was a tiny lil thing! i picked him up and he stayed in my hand for a good quarter mile...but then he jumped out of my hand. so i picked him up again...and a few feet later he jumped out again. i let him be. i just want a pet!! leslie was shocked i just picked up the frog..i explained to her i used to have pet frogs...and then told her about that cricket thing that my parents do to torment and disturb me. don't worry mommy and daddy...leslie found it just as funny as the rest of the family does. you're all sick sick sick people. one day when kim was still here there was a huge toad...she wouldn't let me pick it up though. i wanted that toad too. he was so cute!!! leslie also told me that one of the other guys that lives at charmant has a pet...that he keeps in his bathroom...it's a praying mantis. what? i know. he keeps this praying mantis that he found in his bathroom and feeds it tuna. yes, i know. to each their own...

i got cyworld! cyworld is basically like a korean facebook or myspace. i have like 10 friends already!! they are all korean....i think five are my students, one is the korean teacher i sit next to at work, and the other four are tas. woohoo!! in the "about me" section i wrote: my name is kelsi. i work in a button factory. one of my students wrote that she didn't know i worked in button factory...hahaha...

more tas left =( so, we have three new tas. again. they're pretty cool...i got into a political debate with one of them...yeah, his english is that good. he's part of a group that gets together and debates stuff in english...cool, eh? we were talking about the english immersion policy in korea. he told me he'd never quite met anyone like me because most foreigners he meets are not interested in the korean language, let alone able to speak/write it, and they are definitely not interested in korean politics. i don't know what kind of foreigners he's been meeting, but almost every single one of my friends can read korean, knows what's going on in korea, and can speak enough to get by. *proud*

speaking of proud...my friend brenda is running the chicago marathon in a few weeks. she told me yesterday that she hit 20.5 miles the other day...awesome!!! i remember in high school i'd be at her house before a track meet and she'd be icing her shins and her dad would make her eat bananas; she hates bananas. but she always did very well at the meets ^^

it's holding period right now, and we just had a parent orientation. we all went in and said hello, and were asked questions. i said: 어머니, 안녕하세요, kelsi입니다, 반갑습니다. which sounds something like: ah-money, anyong haseyo, kelsi eeb nee da, pan gab suhp nee da, which means: mother, hello, i'm kelsi (very formally), it's nice to meet you. hyeyoung told me to say more, but i told her that was all i knew how to say...the mothers laughed and actually applauded very loudly ^^ we met a few of them after the orientation, but some of them didn't really speak much english...we recruited a student to interpret haha...hyeyoung asked me to stay. i hate making decisions. what's at home? jobs? really? i don't know.

sara leaves wednesday, grace leaves next saturday. boo. they'll be back...but in seoul...that's far from the charmant.

i was sick last week and eleanor and keri came over one night....eleanor dyed my hair, and keri painted my nails and made me tea ^^ awesomeness.

fun stories from the bar. it's normal to see people passed out at the bar. in america, this wouldn't fly...you'd be hauled outta there and told never to come back again. now, from the beginning...brad, keri, eleanor, and i got to monkey beach and met sara, josh, diana, and some other dude. there was this korean dude talking to them when we got there...he was amusing. he kept getting up and moving chairs around, and then kept asking eleanor to translate stuff and tell it to sara. then, he crouched on his chair and started unbuttoning his shirt. what? he had a long sleeved shirt underneath it...but he took off his button up shirt, and for some odd reason, put a bucket on his head. that was about the point where we decided to leave. so we went to lose control...where there were more strangely behaved koreans. awesome! this other korean guy started talking to keri and soon found himself amidst a bunch of foreigners...shaking everyone's hand...asking where we were from...repeatedly...asking our names...and shaking our hands again. ok. this woulda been cool had he not been one over the eight. long story short, he passed out. all the while his friend is passed out in the booth seat. of course keri and i love to have fun with drunk people. we proceeded to take off his friend's shoes, and throw peanuts at him. he never woke up. i never saw his face...he was sleeping when we got there and sleeping when we left. he did move once though, and spooned with his left shoe. after a while, the other two friends that were with the two passed out guys decided they wanted to go. much to their surprise, however, they could not wake the two up. they punched them, slapped them, put ice cubes down their shirts-nothing worked. one of them was the designated make-sure-this-guy-doesn't-fall-off-his-chair-guy, and the other was devoted to assaulting the guy passed out in the booth trying to wake him up. the designated make-sure-this-guy-doesn't-fall-off-his-chair-guy did an awful job. i saw hand-shaking guy on the ground a few times. either way, we left at four, and the poor friends were still trying to wake the passed out friends up...and they were pissed...

harassing people passed out is a pastime of keri's and has recently become one of the highlights in my week. when we went to hongdae a few weeks back there was a guy passed out with his head down on the bar. i have a picture of keri hugging the guy. good times.

i walked out my door the other day to go to work...and there was a note. it was a note sort of written in english..i thought it was interesting that they finally put a note on my door in english..so i looked around the charmant and saw that this note was on all of the foreigner's doors...haha...it said:

you are prohibited from making a noise at midnight. many people live here and also this studio apartment is used for office spaces. some of the residents drink and talk in a loud voice at late night. due to drinking disturbances, many people are inconvenient and make some complaints. you are refrain from drinking and talking in a loud noise in the corridor, on the roof, in the room and on the second floor lobby at night (approximately 10:00pm) as of today, we will report the police if the above the same action takes place repeatedly.

excellent. later me and eleanor went and talked to the adjashi (security guard) downstairs and he told us that there is one lady who constantly complains about the foreigners. he said that he told her it was her versus the foreigners, and if she has a problem...then she can get the hell out of charmant!! hahaha....one night we were down in the gazebo and one of the adjashis came and told us to SHUT MOUTH. GO HOME. YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. he's so funny...he's just so grumpy and adorable!! i was walking out the front door the other day to go to work and i had my headphones on and all of a sudden i heard a whistle...so i looked over, and that adjashi just wanted my attention to bow. it was cute. speaking of which...one day i was at the bus stop kind of spacing out...i was just staring at the road and not paying attention to the fact that there was a bus there...the bus honked and i looked up and the bus driver was looking at me like, well, are you going to get on or what?! i was thankful that he knew me ^^ the adjashis here are so adorable...one of them gives out kiwis, one gives cookies and milk, one always tells keri to go home when he sees her at my place (he points at her, and then points at her door...haha)and asks about her boyfriend, and one told the lady in 812 to get out. rock.

i've decided i'm very embarrassed for palin. her speech at the rnc was awesome. that interview with katie couric where she said something about russia being her neighbor...was just terrible. the vice presidential debates start in an hour and i'm stoked to watch them. i hope she does better...she's going to need it. as for the financial state of america...it's sad. but again, most of you know this...i completely blame the media. never mind bush and his idiotic policies, and never mind stupid congress...it's the media's fault. there are currently one and a half million homes in foreclosure. this is a small number compared to how many people live in america. if i didn't know that number, i would have guessed like 10 million people had this problem because of how the media portrays the crisis. ok, so why are these people having this problem? it would seem as though when they bought their house they had an awesome interest rate and could finally afford their dream house. however, interest rates rose, and all of a sudden these idiots who bought a house they couldn't afford can't afford their house anymore. problem. foreclosure. media: the sky is falling. investors run the other way because the media scared them into thinking the world is going to end and all housing markets (and apparently all markets) will fail soon. mission accomplished. scared investors don't invest; non-investing investors mean a non-productive economy. well, while i'm at it, i'll blame the bush tax cuts. i'm starting to think the trickle-down effect is a myth...i haven't seen it work once yet. mind you, i wasn't really into politics when reagan was president.

funny shirts on kids at school:
angry chicks do it better
blondes tease, brunettes please

funny things kids say:
same!! (my favorite number is 3...one of my student's favorite numbers is 3...same...)
the best way to cram a test is...


EDIT: so i just heard yelling outside and lots of honking...i checked it out...and there were two cars stopped in the middle of the road and two 아저씨s (old men...literally uncles) yelling at each other...i couldn't make out what they were saying, but i heard a lot of 씨발s (f word) in there...an 아주머 (old woman...literally aunt)...got out of the car and went to retrieve her husband from the confrontation...she slapped the other guy!!!! then he pushed her!!!!! holy crap...it didn't get any worse than that, the husband pushed her towards the car...then they drove away, only to be stuck in traffic next to each other. haha. the end.

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