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November 2008


confucius say...

20 °F

lotsa new pics: http://flaminko.myphotoalbum.com/


june, eleanor and i went on a boat ride in seoul today on the han river...it was coolllddd outside...but it was fun! it was about an hour and a half, and we got had a live concert! it was actually just this guy singing who had a microphone and a guitar...he kept trying to talk to these businessmen, but he didn't know they were chinese, so he thought they were snubbing him...haha...then one of them said, "CHINA!" and dude caught on...after the boat thingy we went and had galbi...for those of you who don't know what it is...it's this:


then you cook it:


then you eat it! there's a special way to eat it though...you take some meat, dip it in the sauce, put some veggies or garlic and rice with it, and wrap it all in a leaf of lettuce...then you shove it all in your mouth!! amazing and 맛있다...


keri is gone =( i helped her get her stuff to the airport bus stop on thursday...it was sad...but she'll be back in january...

wednesday night we were hanging out and finally at like 4 june showed up drunk...he's so out in left field when he drinks...

i got a cyworld account a while back and some of my students are my friends ^^ so anyway, one of my students wrote on my cyworld and i went to her page to write back...and i found this:

외국인 친구?

this is a message from my student's friend, and she's pointing to a message i had left before her...in korean, it says, "foreigner friend?" and my student responded with:

아발론 쌤ㅋㅋ

which means, "avalon teacher." well, i wrote on my student's wall after her friend and wrote this:

안녕!! 나 아직 보고싶지않아?

밖게 너무 춥다!!!!


which means, "hi! miss me yet? it's cold outside!" and the best part..."school friend??" hahaha...my student will LOVE that...i can't wait to see what she writes ^^

i was walking down the street a few weeks ago, and there were these two elementary school kids...one of the boys inhaled loudly and exclaimed, "외국인!!!!" (which means "foreigner") as he pointed right at me...so i inhaled loudly and pointed at him and exclaimed, "한국인!!!!!" (which means korean person")....alright, no, i didn't actually do that..but i wanted to...i just said, "hi" to them...and they said hi back in perfect english ^^ every time a kid sees a foreigner, they point and stare and ramble like they don't actually believe white people exist...but there's one standing right in front of them!! it's sorta amusing...but sometimes i don't want to be stared at...

here's a funny comedy show i recorded off the tv:

the thing that the guys keep repeating is 그래서...which in this context would mean something like "then?" there's a story going on that one guy out of the three keeps telling...basically they're making jokes that they're supposed to be performing in front of a bunch of really pretty women...and someone was like 'here they are,' and one of the guys was like, 'where are the pretty women?' and then basically they were so ugly that it made them cry ^^

so i totally forgot that most people couldn't read the funny test from my student that i have a picture of in my last blog entry...here it is in writing:

1. as usual, kelsi made me go to detention

2. i made up my mind and decided to escape from detention even if kelsi told me to stay

3. ipod is the product of the company apple

4. kelsi is mean, on the other hand, leslie is nice

5. kelsi occasionally shouts at me for no reason

6. it has been customary for me to talk to myself

7. by definition, avalon is a name of a castle

8. i spoke korean when E.O.P was written on the board, as a consequence, i had detention

9. generally speaking, nobody likes detention

10. kelsi is mean. in other words, she is EVIL!!

warning: this is a joke, so don't give me detention for writing these sentences


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watch out..they spit!!

i just got punk'd by corky!!!!!

0 °F

yikes i'm getting really bad at writing here!! it's become so normal to live here, i really feel like i'm not across the world from everyone so it's not so high on my priority list to write a blog. umm..what's new...i always have a gazillion things to say, but then when i actually sit down here, i've got nothing!

so, here's a funny test my student did:

and here's an awesome not we got from the people at charmant:

here's my favorite commercial in korea...

something about a delicious banana and getting spanked and red bottoms like baboons...weird...

ok, i'll tell you about my heater. i'm cold. like..really super duper cold. and i can't figure out my heater. well, it's not that i can't figure it out (because i know how to work it), it's like i can't figure out what else i need to do to keep the damn thing on! the light keeps going off, which means the heat is off, but at my old place it turned off automatically when the room temperature reached what the thermostat says. i'm no rocket scientist, but i'm pretty sure that my apartment is not at 25 degrees (77 degrees fahrenheit). i would believe that my apartment is about 19 degrees (66 degrees celsius) which makes for a long and cold night. at one point, i just turned my heat up to like 28 and got back in bed...and a couple minutes later i heard this really loud, high pitched sound coming from somewhere in my apartment, so i jetted out to the main area and turned the heat down and about 5 seconds later, the loud noise slowly died..i have no clue what it was..my heat is special though..it makes my feet warm. it's cold in here again..i think i need to get some plastic wrap for my windows.

i don't know if i told you that we got a new teacher...his name is sam..he's from philly...and he's kyopo (korean-american) and he speaks fluent korean. he's pretty cool. he went with us to gangnam last weekend and went out with us on halloween..the kids seem to like him, but i think it's because he's korean...we told them all he was japanese...hahaha...it's fun to mess with their heads ^^ he likes to make fun of me because i eat one thing at a time...for example, if i have jajang and mandu, i will eat all of my jajang before i touch the mandu. in korea, there are like 10 side dishes on the table at any given time, so the method of eating one thing at a time is completely foreign to them...basically, you can't eat one thing at a time because if you wait, everything will be gone!!


halloween was cool...me and keri went as twins...we had purple and black striped socks and the moccasins those GIs bought us...plus, dark jeans, black shirts, matching wigs, and best of all...i had a halo and she had devil horns. my kids laughed at me when i showed up at school wearing a halo...i know that they were jealous...


sometimes i talk about things in korea that are really tacky, and that are there for no good reason..below is a perfect example:

we now have toilet cushions on our toilets at work. notice how the regular seat cover is still under there...


and notice how when you can't slide the cushion on the regular toilet set, you should just tape it on.



not only is it tacky, stupid, stupid, stupid, pointless, and stupid, it's unsanitary!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!

here is another fun bathroom photo:


i have decorated my apartment for christmas ^^ i'm not finished yet, but here's the start:


and here's a picture of my desk at work:


this is the best canadian impression i've ever seen in my life:

keri goes home next week for like 6 weeks...she'll be back at the beginning of january...i need to take a vacation...i'm open to any ideas...


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