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the stapler initiative 11.14.2009
kelsi is the goddess of heaven 10.18.2009
say it kelsi..."감사합니다.." 08.08.2009
shut the mouse 07.29.2009
we rocked it!!!! 03.14.2009
if we had an amusement park, we'd have a horror house. 02.15.2009
this is how we eat galbi (갈비) 12.10.2008
닭쳐 11.29.2008
watch out..they spit!! 11.14.2008
chris is american people 10.19.2008
for example, please sit down. 10.02.2008
it's a computer cooling system that wards off tigers too 09.10.2008
-Did you get that from burnt? -Yes. 08.12.2008
-i saw your boyfriend today. -which one? 07.25.2008
wait, so now it's an imaginary sock puppet? 07.07.2008
i'm so exciting, and i'm just not hiding... 06.17.2008
suffrize! 06.04.2008
we were in nigeria for a minute..and back in korea... 05.31.2008
Do you want some silkworms? -GOD NO! But thanks for offering 05.18.2008
-haha, your shirt says no smoking! -i'm being irony!!! 05.09.2008
you mean to tell me you DON'T have trance music on cassette? 04.27.2008
are you boring? 04.12.2008
don't eat walnuts while driving...hazelnuts are fine though 03.31.2008
i wish i knew how to make my washing machine work... 03.15.2008
where you from? MIGUK! you speak korean?!? NOPE!! 03.15.2008
I dreamt in Korean and I had no idea what I said... 03.11.2008
Dong Won=Korean Don Juan 03.10.2008
Teacher, I love you! 03.10.2008
mr. pizza 03.06.2008
chi-town *w00t* 03.04.2008
and i thought commercials were bad 02.03.2008
half the fun of travel is the esthetic of lostness 01.27.2008